Cookware Restoration Services

From unusable...

dutch oven before restoration

Before cleaning

To restored...

dutch oven after seasoning

After cleaning and seasoning

To active duty

dutch oven baking loaf of bread

In use!

If you have a piece of cast iron cookware that needs a little TLC, I can help. As long as your cookware is not physically cracked or broken, it can probably be returned to usable condition at a reasonable cost. Contact me to discuss your specific needs or read more about the process.

Meet A Customer

Cookbooks by Russell Ware (3 items)

Dutchmans Creek Cast Iron is located in Raleigh, NC. Russell Ware is a local cast iron historian and cookbook author. Russell is working on a series of cookbooks focused on vegan cuisine made in cast iron.

Before-During-And-After Restoration

Plett Pan

This pan is used to make Swedih Pancakes. details...

Dutch Oven Lid

Lid to a Lodge Dutch Oven, size 8. details...

Small Asian Griddle

This is a small light griddle made in Asia. details...

Wagner Ware skillet

This old skillet was encrusted in crud. details...

Cornbead Pan

Makes cornbread with a crust on all sides. details...