Grill Pans and Griddles

This category is home for Grill Pans and Griddles of every design and any age from any country and any manufacturer.

Griddles have low sides and allow easy access to whatever you are cooking or baking. They are great for frying an egg, making pancakes, heating tortillas, and more. Cast iron griddles are easier to use and care for than many built-in or accessory griddles on consumer-grade ranges. A griddle can be perfect for baking biscuits - the biscuits have a perfect crust, there is no need to grease the surface before baking and clean-up only takes a few seconds.

Some griddles are two-sided and have grilling surfaces on the opposite side.

Grill pans have raised ribs made for grilling meat or vegetables. Some grill pans have low sides like griddles. Some have sides the same height as regular skillets. Often grill pans are rectangular instead of round.

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