Everybody needs a cast iron skillet!

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8 inch griddle

eggs over easy

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This small modern pan looks like it was manufactured in Asia. The handle has a shape that is typical of Asian cookware.

This pan is best described as a griddle. It has short straight sides - about 1/2" tall. The sides let a spatula get under food easily but also trap liquids.

Eggs over easy are easy to make on this pan

The eggs above have been turned and you will notice that there was no sticking. That is normal for properly seasoned cast iron cookware. The slides that follow show the progression of the griddle in the picture from rusted to restored.

Before restoration - cooking surface

At this point the pan had some rust on the cooking surface. The part of the surface that was not rusted was unappealing.

Before restoration - bottom of skillet

It looks bad in the pictures, but the photographs make the condition of the skillet look a little worse than it actually was. Success was inevitable here; restoration was straightforward and uneventul.

After cleaning - cooking surface

Here is the pan after it was cleaned and before it was seasoned. The cleaning started by soaking in a lye bath for several days to remove the old seasoning. It was removed from the lye bath and scrubbed once during that time.

After cleaning - bottom of skillet

After the lye bath it was scrubbed again and then treated in a molasses bath for a couple of days. Molasses can be effective at loosening and removing rust.

Scale of pan compared to a dollar bill

After the molasses bath it was scrubbed and run through the elctrolysis tank for a few hours then scrubbed and photographed.

Seasoned cookware - side view

It was seasoned using grapeseed oil. I think it is a great little piece of cookware. It is light and small but big enough to cook many things. It could be taken camping without taking up much space.

After seasoning - cooking surface

At 2 pounds a single person might not choose to carry it in a backpack or bikepack, but a group of two or more people sharing cookware could carry it easily and benefit from its great cooking qualities.

After seasoning - bottom of pan

In addition to duties on camping trips, this griddle will stay in our kitchen as day-to-day cookware. It's size and weight make it functional on every burner on the stove, from the smallest to the largest.

Eggs over easy over toast, with black pepper andshredded cheese

Cooking time was just a couple of minutes on medium low heat. The eggs slid onto the plate without the use a spatula or other tool. After this pic was taken the griddle was cleaned by wiping it down with an oily paper towel then with a dry dish cloth. Total post-cooking cleaning time was 10 or 15 seconds.