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A Recent Project: a rusty no. 9 skillet

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Rusty skillet size 9

This is a rusty old skillet with a raised 9 on the handle. It is extensively rusted and will go into a molasses bath for a couple of days as a sort of triage. Diluted molasses will remove rust. In a few days enough rust will be gone to get a better sense of the piece underneath.

Raised number

This is a size 9 skillet. The raised number on the handle is a little bit unusual. Marks on modern skillets are usually engraved rather than raised.

Bottom of pan

The bottom of this pan looks about like you would expect. There are a few notable details. At the 6:00 position (near the handle) there is a raised molders mark. At the 12:00 position, there is a break in the heat ring. These details point to a preliminary guess that Lodge made the skillet. There is one detail that causes concern. In the center of the skillet, there is a line that might be a crack. Time will tell.