Everybody needs a cast iron skillet!

Restored Cast Iron Cookware

From unusable

dutch oven before restoration

BSR Red Mountain series dutch oven before restoration.

To cleaned and seasoned

dutch oven after seasoning

After cleaning and seasoning

To active duty

dutch oven baking loaf of bread

Used to bake a loaf of bread from Russell Ware's Cast Iron Bread book

Cast iron cookware can last a lifetime

Dutchman's Creek Cast Iron is all about good usable cast iron cookware. The items we offer might or might not have lasting scars that came from neglect and misuse, but each piece has been restored by being cleaned to raw iron and seasoned for use. Some of the pieces here may qualify as collectible but that is not our focus. The flaws on a 50-year old skillet probably do not prevent it from being a great piece of cookware in your kitchen.

Each item for sale has its own little story of renewal. Here are details for some of those stories.

Birmingham Stove & Range skillet BSR No. 3 skillet
Griswold Cornstick Pan #22
Benjamin & Medlin skillet
Griswold skillet #704
8 inch griddle used to make egs over easy
Heuck skillet