Everybody needs a cast iron skillet!

Plett Pan

grungy skillet

This is a Taiwanese-made plett pan. It is used to make Swedish Pancakes.

Batter is poured into the shallow circular areas of the skillet, cooked on one side then turned and cooked on the other. The recipe for the batter results in pancakes are a little more custardy than traditional pancakes. They pair perfectly with Lingonberry preserves.

Swedish pancakes

Swedish pancakes are delicious. Served with Ligonberry preserves they strike a balance of sweetness and acidity. The pan that made these started out in rough shape.

Cooking surface before cleaning and seasoning

The plett pan was rusty and with white gunk before cleaning. There was not much seasoning on this side.

Bottom surface before cleaning and seasoning

The bottom was rusty with more old seasoning than the cooking surface.

Mid-cleaning: after a couple of days in the lye bath

A rinse in hot water dissolved most of the white gunk and a soak in lye took care of the majority of everything else.

Mid-cleaning: close-up showing some remaining rust

Lye does not take away rust. Scrubbing after soaking in the lye bath will remove some rust. The circular indentions had rust that remained after the lye bath.

Mid-cleaning: bottom of skillet post-lye bath

The bottom of the skillet has some rust in nooks and crannies. Judging by the imperfections in the surface of the iron itself, the manufacuring quality of this piece is not the highest.

After cleaning the cooking surface looks great. The skillet has not been seasoned.

After rust mitigation the skillet looks great.

Close-up of the cooking surface after cleaning before seasoning.

To remove the rust it was soaked in a 10% molasses bath for a few days, scrubbed, treated in an electrolysis tank, and scrubbed again.

Bottom surface after cleaning before seasoning

There is a some flash rust around the bottom of the indentions but nothing worrisome.

Cooking surface of the seasoned plett pan

This skillet is ready to go!

Bottom surface of the seasoned plett pan

Again, not the highest standard of manufacturing quality... but will it cook pancakes?

Yes, it cooks pancakes beautifully!