Everybody needs a cast iron skillet!

Cast Iron Cleaning And Seasoning Services

From unusable

dutch oven before restoration

BSR Red Mountain series dutch oven before restoration.

To cleaned and seasoned

dutch oven after seasoning

After cleaning and seasoning

To active duty

dutch oven baking loaf of bread

Used to bake a loaf of bread from Russell Ware's Cast Iron Bread book

Get into the cast iron groove!

If your cast iron is not quite usable, I will clean it to bare metal and re-season it. Unless your pans are cracked or broken they will be returned to you in ready-to-use condition looking as close to new as possible. I take great care not to harm your cookware. My primary cleaning processes are non-destructive to the underlying iron. Other processes, for example those which involve mild acid, are carefully monitored to avoid damaging your pans. My standard procedure is to soak the cast iron in a lye bath for several days, followed by electrolysis, and seasoning with Crisco-brand shortening.

Restoration as a Service

Contact Lewis to discuss your specific items. Turnaround time is typically two to four weeks. Price varies pending on the piece or pieces being cleaned.

A typical item, such as a skillet or griddle, is $25 plus shipping charges, reimbursement for any out-of-the-ordinary materials or processes, and NC Sales Tax (if applicable). Billable materials include but are not limited to special brushes, acetic acid, molasses, and chelating rust remover. Most pieces do not require special materials or processes.

Larger pieces of cookware may cost more. Lids incur a separate charge. Cookware with unusual challenges may incur a additional charges. There is no charge for customer pick-up or drop-off. If local delivery is required, there may be a charge.

Loaners may be available while your cookware is being cleaned!

Fine Print

Old seasoning will be removed
Your cookware will be cleaned down to raw iron then lightly seasoned. This means that the old seasoning will be lost.

Large items
The stated prices apply to ordinary-sized cookware such as skillets, dutch ovens, fish pans, and griddles. At this time I am unable to restore large pieces such as 20-gallon kettles at these price points. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Dutch ovens and other lidded pieces
Lids count as separate pieces. A typical 2-piece dutch oven counts as two pieces and will be restored for $40-$50.

Waffle irons
Waffle irons will have to be estimated on an individual basis. A rough guess at the price is $50-60.

Physically damaged pieces
I cannot repair cracks or other physical damage. Sometimes cleaning a piece reveals a physical damage that was not previously visible.